Convention 2015 Handouts


Keynote Speaker Handouts

Reb Bradley

Peace for the Angry, Hostile, “Stressed Out” Home School Mom

Reading the Mind of Your Homeschool Wife

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling


Speaker Handouts:

Marianne van der Ahe

Keep Calm and Keep Going


Louise House

Exploding the Myths of the Successful Homeschooler


Angela Hoffman

Liberate Your Homeschool


Tom Lipp

Managing Money


Patty Marler

Resume and Job


Gail Poffenroth

Three R's


Gary Wiens

Generational Father


Craig Weston

Two Worlds Collide


Exhibitor Sessions:

Incredible Living - Karen Van Riesen

4 Quadrant Behavioral Styles Wheel

Communication Tips

Parent Behavioral Strengths