Convention 2017


Youth are welcome to attend any adult sessions. Adults are welcome to attend any youth sessions except labs.
Note that the timing of the youth track is different from the adult’s on both days.

Friday - Youth Speakers

Marty Moore

Marty Moore

Marty's heart’s desire is to know and follow God. Marty was privileged to be homeschooled, but missed out on many of the blessings of a relationship with God until he finally surrendered his life to God when he was 17. Since then, Marty has been amazed by God’s guidance and unconditional faithfulness.

Marty desires that other people would know God. In particular, Marty has a passion for young people to know and embrace God’s purpose for their lives. Marty began law school when he was 18 years old, but his yearly highlight was to lead a team of guys on a 10 day retreat to seek God with their whole heart. After becoming a lawyer, Marty continued to have opportunities to help young people see life from God’s perspective, including speaking at a youth event called Ultimate Quest:

Marty currently works with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, primarily defending the fundamental freedoms of conscience, religion, expression and association. Marty has enjoyed the privilege of volunteering with a recent Syrian refugee family, and is excited for plentiful opportunities to reach out with God’s love.


Living on Purpose

Each of us were created for a purpose - well actually for many purposes! Yet, many of us struggle to find, or experience the daily thrill of accomplishing, our purposes. What are purposes worth living for? How can I know my purpose(s)? What does is practically mean to live on purpose? Come and be inspired by the lives of history’s heroes; let the keys from the Bible open your vision; and gain ideas to enable steps of faith to live on purpose!

Flying Free

Our freedom to fly has been fought and paid for! Yet, especially as young people, there are many things that seek to steal our freedom from us. This session will expose some of these sly swindlers and their deceptive tricks. While these things can be a real drag, expect to be empowered by the Creator’s gift of freedom to overcome gravity and fly free.

Janny Moore

Janny Moore

Growing up the oldest of five kids had its perks for Janny. It also had a lot of "hope this works" risk for her parents. In guinea pig experiments like pulling her out of school and in the resulting home-education life, there were wonderful memories to be had and no shortage of teachable moments. Several key decisions made a world of impact for Janny, resulting in the passion and vision she carries with her in youth work throughout North America and other points on map. Despite health challenges, she travels to make famous among millennials the breathable, wondrous Gospel-grace of God. Presently she lives among newly immigrated refugees to share the soul stirring richness of discovering joy in the risen Christ.


How To Be A Winning Communicator

Effective communication is based on the framework of connection with others. By understanding this framework, we build confidence for every person-to-person interaction in life.

In this practical "hands-on" session, you will be introduced to the foundational principles of communicating with excellence. You will also be given a toolbox full of powerful verbal and non verbal skills which will put you at an advantage to win big in the three major and most meaningful areas of a young person's life!

Speakers & schedule subject to change without notice.